Background of Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya

 Founded in 1962, the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) is an umbrella of the Catholic Sisters in Kenya. AOSK is duly recognized by the Catholic Church and is registered in Kenya as a cooperate body under the Perpetual Succession Act. The association enjoys a long and exciting history of great accomplishment, with significant growth both in programs and its membership.


 AOSK is an association of over 160 Catholic Women’s Religious Congregations, representing close 6000 sisters. Superiors of these women congregations come together to preserve the gem of a religious life through inter congregational formation programs; and to coordinate Catholic sisters’ pastoral ministries and social service programs  and interventions at all levels of society, and particularly for the disadvantaged populations in Kenya and beyond.


Our vision

To be an association of Prophetic religious women united in Christ witnessing love and hope for the transformation of society.


Our Mission

  • To respond to the needs of Religious women for solid holistic formation and education at all levels for authentic witness whilst being aware of various needs in different countries as well as providing catechetical training.
  • To equip religious women with skills for ministry and leadership through programs, workshops and seminars, encourage partnership of service between men and women within the Church and to be able to speak with a unified voice in responding to issues related to justice and peace and integrity of creation.


Our threefold aim

  • Promote the spiritual welfare and development of Religious Women in Kenya.
  • Foster communication and co-operation among member institutes through meetings and programs with due regard for their autonomy and different charisms.
  • Promote collaboration among religious women as we work in collaboration with Kenya Episcopal Conference (KEC) to respond to the needs of the people of Kenya