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Destitute Children Get Comfort At An Orphanage. At exactly one clock sounds of plates and spoons can be heard a few meters from the gate entering St. Joseph’s children’s home in Meru County.
Here, the smiles on children’s faces tell it all. They are happy despite coming from a difficult background. In high spirits, the children rush towards the dining hall where they are served with maize and beans, a meal that is common among communities around Mount Kenya region.
Life here seems enjoyable but the three sisters who serve these children hold memories of each child’s history before they landed at the children’s home. One sister narrates: “Many of these children who range from zero to 15 years were either rescued from the streets, orphaned by HIV/Aids or were just found in very risky situations calling for rescue.”

Sister continues to say that most children in Kenya are not accessing the right and quality basic needs needed for them to grow normally. “Many children are living under risky situations while others were dumped on the streets by their guardians as they could not provide them at home. As sisters with a mission to serve we intervene in this situation and bring those children on board to get the necessary care they need. Most of them come here when they are emotionally drained and we get to give them therapies and treatment where necessary. Those from streets come here abused, full of addictions from drugs and others having been involved in all sorts of crimes. We try and get them back to normal lives.”

Children hold an integral part of the society because the future entirely depends on them. Therefore every investment that is geared towards a developed nation has to be largely anchored on activities that would promote the well being of a child. Sadly, this has not been the case for many developing countries who are rich in natural capital and which can translate in natural wealth to help them take care of their young population effectively.

Kenya is one country in the Sub-Saharan region reported to have made strides towards child protection and ensuring they enjoy a decent life. However, more needs to be done as more and more children are increasingly exposed to life threatening challenges than ever before.
The Kenya government has established several funds to cater for the needs of children in difficult circumstances but sadly, these funds never reach some of them because of logistical, structural and governance reasons. Consequently, many children who would otherwise have benefited from this support are left out.

To fill this gap, sisters have continued to play their role in child protection through provision of care facilities that serve as rehabilitation; rescue, feeding and orphanages where children can receive material and spiritual care that they greatly need to ensure their healthy development.

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