The Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna is a Religious Congregation founded in the Diocese of Breda in Oudenbosch, Netherlands on 26th July, 1838 after the inspiration of Mother Marie Joseph and following the rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi. It became an Institute of Pontifical Right on 25th March, 2009.

Currently we have 32 sisters in formation with membership consisting of 30 temporary professes sister and 151 finally professed sisters.


Called to sacredness and dignity of life among the marginalized and the less fortunate in expression of mutual love, true evangelical ordinariness, true detachment and diligence in work for the service of the Lord.


To reach out to those with whom Christ Himself was primarily concerned, that is, the poor, the sick, the lonely, the handicapped and sinners, expressed through apostolic and charitable works, following the true spirit of St. Francis and our Foundress Mother Marie Joseph.


Making Christ’s good News of salvation visible to all.

In the spirit of St. Francis, the Congregation has a role to play in the early childhood development in the following fields:
 Provision of healthcare to expectant mothers to ensure they deliver safely.
 To ensure that children are vaccinated against primary diseases.
 To ensure education of children in the early age from nursery school.
 To educate mothers in promotion of good health.

The clinical functions are done in our Health Centres while formal education in our nurseries.

Currently we are offering our services in Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia.
Our services include: Education, Health care, Pastoral Ministry, Hospitality, Social Ministry, Youth Ministry and empowerment of women.

Contact us on: Vocations Directress
Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna
P.o. Box 2499 – 40100

PHONE: +254722482914/+254701286996



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