Institute Of The Holy Trinity Sisters

The Institute of the Holy Trinity Sisters (IHT) is a religious congregation of consecrated women following the life of the Trinity, desiring to have their life become more like that of the Trinity, having the gospel as their guide, Christ being their way to the Father. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they imitate the life of the Trinity making the world to live the family of God the father through Jesus Christ.
Our primary aim is to endeavor to fulfill the will of God the Father. Who wants everyone to be saved in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we strive to know and love the Trinity and to make the Trinity be known and loved.
Our Institute is by nature apostolic. We witness our consecrated life by participating in the apostolate of the Church (Cf. AA 5). Our whole life is permeated with apostolic spirit and the whole of our apostolic actions is permeated with the spirituality of our institute. We spend our lives and resources for apostolic works, proper to the Institute; Catechesis, education in the schools, health, sick and poor, serving the local church and any other apostolic work which is entrusted to us by the competent ecclesiastical authorities (Cf. Can. 167, §1). We exist to make the Trinity known and Loved. Our sanctification is always within the framework of Our Five guiding pillars or spirituality;
The Father, generate the eternal Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. In generating the Son, the father projects out from himself all things that can imitate Him in the son. We fully donate ourselves to God and to All. The relationship between the three divine persons (immanent) generator, generated and the proceeded help us we Trinitarian to respond fully to the will of the father the way is expressed in Jesus Christ.
The Son, generated by the Father- Fully dependent from the loving merciful Father, obedience to God the Father, in Christ, aiming the salvation of all, and returning all human beings and creation to father for His major glory. In words ‘apostolate’ we make our Faith known and loved through catechesis and especially personal life.
The Holy Spirit, Revealer of the Son, Advocate: the actual graces accepted and therefore not rejected, who create us to be the images of Christ, which is so necessary to convert people to Christ, to be near (advocated) and love all, so that seeing our love and unity people might recognize the Triune God.
To live the Inhibition of the Trinity to live the peace of God (neema) and see all inhabited by Trinity foundation of charity, Community religious as well as the entire Church, bride of Christ.
Trinity is also one Person in the other (Pericoresis) in the Trinity the persons differ only virtually from the substance of God. ‘The father is in me and I in the father. As a consequence we are in them and, therefore, we are in one another: fraternal communion and universal fraternity, starting from sisters’ unity or community.

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