Sisters Of St. Joseph Of Mombasa

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa, Kenya is a women diocesan religious institute, which was founded in 1929, by Msgr. J.W. Heffernan and formed by the precious blood Sisters. The aim was to create a local religious apostolic Congregation, very much involved in all the activities related to the development of the local church in the Vicariate and beyond. The Congregation was given the name St. Joseph, because the vicariate of Zanzibar was under the patronage of St. Joseph by then.
The Bishop intended that the Sisters of St. Joseph should be a religious apostolic congregation, very involved in all the activities related to the development of the local Church in Kenya, and especially in the Diocese of Mombasa. The sisters were to evangelize the people in co-operation with the Bishop and the clergy. They were to work among their people in such a way that their simplicity, service and prayer-life would influence them in making the faith the inspiration of their lives and culture.
The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa is an Institute of Diocesan right with simple vows, temporary or perpetual.
We follow more fervently in the footsteps of Christ by the practice of the evangelical counsels of consecrated celibacy, evangelical poverty and religious obedience. We do these by:
Giving of ourselves to God and the Church in a special way.
Engaging in the works of the apostolate in the church for the salvation of souls.
Being models of the perfect Christian life. We lead and are content with a simple way of life in all circumstances and in accordance with the evangelical counsels.
We live among the ordinary people following the example of St. Joseph, serve them with generosity and joy according to their needs so as to raise their standards of living both spiritually and temporally. We offer our whole life as a sacrifice by our prayers and by the example of a good Christian life in our daily duties, so that the Gospel could be spread throughout the whole world, in imitation of our patrons St. Joseph, Our Lady, St. Teresa of child Jesus and the Uganda Martyrs.

To become signs of God’s tender love and living witness of Christ.


Evangelization and witnessing of all people in simplicity to enhance wholistic human development.
The second and distinctive aim of the institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph is, to witness in simplicity the evangelizing and saving mission of Jesus Christ among ourselves and the people we live and interact with.

The Sisters of St. Joseph are engaged in different apostolic activities in different parts of Kenya, Tanzania and outside Africa. In response to the many needs of the Church in different parts of the world.
We work in our schools and government schools, dispensaries, Health Centres, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Care of Orphans, Street children, Farms, Women groups, Youth group and Social work.

We do pastoral work in Schools and small Christian communities, we run unique centre for HIV / Aids patients and many other activities.

Our aim is to give services to the people of God whenever we work spiritually and uplifting their standards of living.

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