The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family

We are the religious women Congregation who have set out to follow Christ with greater liberty and to imitate him more closely by practising the evangelical counsels and working for Christian unity and evangelization.
The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family; is a Pontifical Congregation which was founded in Russia-Mohylew in 1905 on the feast of Christ the King by a pious woman called Blessed Boleslawa Maria Lament. This was during the Russian revolution and ecumenical period; therefore the foundress was aiming at defending religious merits and evasion of the kingdom of heaven through the reunification of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church. The Charism of our Congregation is therefore unity and strengthening of Catholic faith through evangelization. Our congregation therefore has a special mission to fulfil Christ’s prayer, (“May all be one” (John 17:21) in our missionary activities.
Our congregation forms its spirituality after the Holy Family of Nazareth that is the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph which draws its ideal from the most Holy Trinity. Just as the Holy Family of Nazareth entered into the redemptive plan of God by fulfilling its mission on earth, so we the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family imitate the Family of Nazareth by incorporating into the redemptive work of God through the virtue of prayer, humility, simplicity, love of God and neighbour, trust in divine providence and obedience to God’s will in our mission.
The Congregation is located in different parts of the world e.g Europe: Poland, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania), America and Africa (Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. The congregation is working in Kenya since 1990 where we have six communities and one formation house in Nairobi. Our communities are located in varied Dioceses e.g Nairobi, Meru, Nakuru and Malindi.
We have two formation Centres; one in Africa (Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania) and the other in Europe-Poland
Ministry: Health, education, serve in home for the aged, manage day care centres, run home crafts, spiritual centres, social work and pastoral care- offer sponsoring programmes for the vulnerable children.

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